About me

I am an Associate Professor with tenure at MIT. I work in the areas of machine learning and statistics. Before coming to MIT, I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley. You can learn more about my background in the following (plaintext) short bio.

In my research, I am interested in understanding how we can quickly, easily, and reliably quantify uncertainty and robustness in modern data analysis procedures.

Current PhD Students and Postdocs

Past PhD Students and Postdocs

Interested in working with me?

  • To apply to work with me as a PhD student, submit your application to MIT EECS; more info at this link. I can also advise PhD students accepted to other appropriate programs at MIT; e.g., I have advised PhDs in Math and CSB.
  • To apply to work with me as a postdoc, email me your CV (pdf), a statement of research interests, a pdf of 1 (or 2) of your most significant publications, and the contact details (including email addresses) of two references.


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