• Nomon is our assistive technology method for selecting items on a screen with a single switch (as for users with locked-in syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc.)

    • We have recently revived the Nomon project. If you are interested, contact us for the latest. You can find some recent Nomon code here: [link]

  • My entry on the Mathematics Genealogy Project is here
  • 18766 Broderick is an asteroid that is named after me, since 2003.

    • Here are two Wikipedia links. If you follow the links, 18766 Broderick appears at the top, and many other asteroids appear around it: [link about the asteroid] [link about the asteroid name]
    • Here is a NASA JPL link with lots of information about the asteroid as well as an illustration of its orbit and more information on the name: [link]

  • HarleMCMC Shake: our 2013 Harlem Shake video about MCMC

    • We made two short animations to illustrate the differences between a Metropolis-Hastings (MH) sampler and a Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) sampler. [youtube video]
    • All code is available for download at this github repo: [link]
    • Learn more about the Harlem Shake 2013 meme here: [link]
    • Joint work with David Duvenaud

  • Know Your Distrosaurs: In 2013, I illustrated some common statistical distributions as dinosaurs for a t-shirt contest

  • Bi-nom-nom-nom-ial: In 2014, I reimagined the binomial distribution as an arcade game for a t-shirt contest

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