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In Fall 2020 I gave the lectures for MIT's 6.036 course: Introduction to Machine Learning. Below is a set of links to those lectures. Each link will be provided once captioning is completed for the corresponding video. A playlist of all the videos available so far can be found at the following link: [youtube playlist]. Note: I will try to release errata and slides with corrections relative to the live lectures here, as necessary.

With thanks to:

  • The lecture TAs Crystal Wang and Satvat Jagwani
  • The 6.036 Fall 2020 course staff (instructors, TAs, and LAs) and past 6.036 course staff
  • Jeffrey Shen for captioning
  • The MIT EECS Department for funding captioning
  • Duane Boning, Isaac Chuang, and Leslie Kaelbling for support in posting these videos

If you find any ways to improve how well the video captions reflect the live lectures, please submit a pull request to this repo.


  • Lecture 9: At the time of recording, slide 8 had an incorrect V^3_{\pi_B}(poor) value. Thanks to MIT student Bhav Jain for catching the error! The value (108) should now be correct in the video and also in the slides pdf linked above.

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